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Traditional Karate-Do Society

Traditional Japanese Karate Society has finally come to USYD!!
If you are interested in karate or any type of martial arts, join Usyd TKS!! 
We offer:
-    Weekly karate trainings, for all levels from white belt to black
-    Weekly club dinner after training (All your favourite restaurants)
-    Supportive and fun friends!!

Why join us?
-    You will learn karate from scratch with the best teacher and team
-    Karate basics, kumite (sparring), kata (patterns) and much more!
Contact us for a FREE trial lesson if you are interested just to try

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
-    Weekly training sessions 5:45pm-6:45pm (currently the day of the week is still being confirmed)
-    Weekly club dinner with all members!
-    Competitions - state and national

Meet ups & Community
We offer a weekly dinner event after training, this allows all members of our society to bond and get to know each other. 

Membership fees


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