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University of Sydney Underwater Explorers

Want to experience what it's like in a David Attenborough documentary? Our club offers countless opportunities for you to meet fellow divers or assist you in kickstarting your diving journey. Our members range from experienced divers who have been diving for over 10 years to students who have an interest in diving but haven’t had the opportunity to attain their license - we welcome all members of any skill level. Among our divers, we have a diverse range of qualifications from PADI to GUE. Non-divers won't be left out! Get-togethers like BBQs at the beach and etc will be held throughout the year for you to participate in. We are a newly established club with a tightknit community, and we invite you and your friends to join us to explore the Blue Planet together.

Why join us?
Want to learn how to scuba dive? USYD Underwater Explorers offers YOU the opportunity to take the plunge. With the opportunity to gain the scuba diving qualification you’ve always dreamt of or upskill/refresh on one that you already have… not to mention, exclusive discounts on gear…there's no reason for you NOT to join!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We have many fun diving trips planned throughout the year; from monthly diving trips (subject to availability) to end of year interstate trips to places such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Meet ups & Community
Our club holds catch up pizza nights, BBQs and group day trips. Whilst none of them are compulsory they are a great way to connect with your fellow divers.
Black and white USYD insignia with a trident at the base.

Membership fees
Ordinary membership: $5
Associate membership: $8


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Instagram: @usyd_ue