University of Sydney Robotics Club

Interested in building the ‘muscles and brains’ of the future? University of Sydney Robotics Club (USRC) is a place where Usyd students interested in robotics and AI gather to build, share and collaborate! We facilitate entries into robotics competitions such as the Droid Racing Competition (DRC), RobotArt, RobotX and much more. We also run fortnightly workshops/information meetings on everything robotics and AI. Join us in building the robots of the future!

Why join us?
We're one of the best ways to get hands on with designing and building robots, even if you have no experience!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
  • USRC Engineering Faculty Expo 19th August 12pm-1pm where we showcase what we’ve done so far and what the next semester with USRC will look like.

  • Fortnightly events ranging from coding and robotics workshops, teaching core skills in robotics such as learning software ROS and computer vision. We also do online talks and with professionals to show their perspective on what robotics is like in the industry.

  • There will also be weekly posts on Facebook looking into projects that members of our club have been working on as well as a constantly updated website with tips and tricks to help people through their course or general robotics.

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