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Welcome to Sydney University and thank you for stopping by our page! 

Project Hope is a charity-based student society at the University of Sydney. Our primary aim is to raise funds for underprivileged youth living in rural parts of China, to support their access to basic education and future career opportunities. Project Hope was founded in 2006 in UNSW, and due to its growing community, a USYD branch was formed in 2018. Together, we strive to raise an annual amount of $10,000 AUD through fortnightly on-campus fundraising stalls and social events throughout the semester. Through our annual donation trip to rural parts of China, we ensure that all our profits go directly towards helping disadvantaged children. Our most recent donation trip was to Jianchang, Liaoning, located in the north of China, where in conjunction with UNSW Project Hope, we volunteered and taught at two primary schools and donated $13,000 AUD worth of textbooks and study materials. 

Be a part of our amazing cause to help secure basic education and a brighter future for all children in rural China!

Why join us?
Get discounts at food stalls and events, make new friends, join our subcommittees, and have the opportunity to go on our annual donation trip.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We hold Welcome BBQs at the start of each semester for new members. Also, our on-campus food stalls often sell out so get in quick! 

Meet ups & Community
Visit us at our fortnightly food stalls (currently online cooking classes) and attend our monthly events (currently online events). 

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