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Sydney University Society of Medical Innovation

The Sydney University Society of Medical Innovation (SUSMI) is a multidisciplinary society that aims to bring together students studying all degrees. The goal of SUSMI is to create change in the current medical field by helping our members realize their own potential for innovation and creativity. Through networking and social events such as hackathons and workshops, students can create valuable relationships with key figures in the medical industry and further their professional development. 

Why join us?
- Connect with passionate, like-minded students!
- Meet the founders of medical startups looking for interns!
- Create interdisciplinary networks around Sydney University. 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
- Keep an eye out for our annual hackathon!
- Workshops hosted by our sponsors.
- 'Meet the Startups' events to open your career options. 

Meet ups & Community
- Food events, free for members!!
- Pub crawls with sister societies at UNSW & University of Newcastle.

Membership fees


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