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Socialist Alternative Club

Hate capitalism? So do we! We're the biggest socialist club on campus. We discuss Marxist ideas and organise activism. 
We are a revolutionary anti-capitalist organisation. We want to involve students in left wing political activism and educate people in socialist ideas. We are involved in a broad range of campaigns - for education and student rights, refugee rights, same sex marriage, and supporting workers rights. We have regular meetings, discussion groups, stalls and events on campus. Get in touch to find out more and get involved!

Why join us?
Socialist Alternative is Australia’s largest Marxist revolutionary group. We have branches in most major cities. Our goal is to overthrow capitalism, while organising to fight against oppression in the here-and-now. We’re trying to put together the basis for a revival of revolutionary working-class socialist movement. If you believe in that, or you want to learn more, you should talk to us.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Find out about upcoming events, including our regular weekly discussions for those new to Marxist ideas on our Facebook page! And sign up here to get involved.

Meet ups & Community
We have weekly (nowadays most likely online) meet-ups, to discuss politics, radical history, and the current activism we're involved in. 

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Hersha Kadkol

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