Queers Of Colour

Tired of the lackluster kick in the sambal and the absence of garam masala in queer events, a group of friends took it upon themselves to create a community especially for queer people of colour. We asked, "Where are all the queer people of colour? Surely they must be out there!" And thus, QOCO was born.

QOCO aims to create a community where people of colour can explore the intersection of their queer and cultural identities. We want to provide a supportive network for students who may feel isolated from LGBT+ spaces and/or their cultural roots and foster connections with each other to celebrate their authentic selves.

Why join us?
- the only society for queer people of colour on campus
- meeting friends and fellow QPOC
- lowkey events for "quiet gays"
...and more!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
- picnics with delicious ethnic food from different cultures
- crafternoon sessions
- zine creations
- movie nights
- speed-friending events
- boardgame nights

Meet ups & Community
We have regular meetups during the semester and have Facebook and Discord groups available for people to connect with each other.
The letters Q O above the letters C O. The letter Q contains various shades of brown to white. The letter O contains a rainbow with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Membership fees


Contact Us
Email: usydqoco@gmail.com

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