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The Mental Awareness and Health Society [MAHSoc]​

Welcome to the Mental Awareness and Health Society (MAHSoc)!
MAHSoc aims to generate greater awareness of mental health on campus and emphasise the importance of simple conversations and constantly checking in on one another.

Hopefully together and with your support we can help smash the stigma on campus! 

Why join us?
MAHSoc has two main goals. Firstly, MAHsoc wants to create a community that understands and offers social support for those times that you're just not feeling great. We think you can have an awesome time, with great people, without the blank stares or confusion often experienced with mental health.

Secondly, MAHSoc would like to promote awareness of mental health. Normally, when showing someone their broken arm, or asthma inhaler, you aren't confronted with blank stares and confusion. We think that removing the stigma from mental health is something which everyone should aim for. We will be hoping to promote awareness through a series of campaigns, and generating conversation.

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Activities galore will be had, such as lunches, study sessions and bar nights.

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Mental Health

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