The Greens on Campus Society

We are a social political club that provides an organising centre for socially progressive and environmentally concerned people on campus. 

The core values of the political party and of the club are: ecological sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy, and peace and non-violence.

Our club aims for a balance between social, casual, and serious activities:

We meet every week during semester for drinks and discussion of political issues. 

We regularly host seminars with local Greens MPs, giving our members the opportunity to meet the leaders of the Greens Party and hear about specific topics in detail (while munching on home-made green-iced red velvet biscuits. ;) Like us, they're green on the outside, red inside.)

We also hold awareness-raising/fund-raising events: from a green-themed cake stall where each purchase raised money for the Climate Council and provided a flyer about the upcoming climate protest, to a free BBQ reminding people to tick YES for same-sex marriage.

And we advertise rallies and provide a group for people to attend the demonstrations with.

You don't have to be a member of the Greens Party to join, or an expert on politics. We'd love to have anyone interested in learning more, or in sharing their knowledge!

Why join us?
Engage with like-minded people from across the university.

Develop your political knowledge.

Learn pointers on other ways to get involved in the broader progressive movement.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Pollie Talks! We've hosted David Shoebridge, Jenny Leong, Lee Rhiannon, Mehreen Faruqi, and more. Up close and personal with experts, pollie talks educate and motivate.

Meet ups & Community
We host weekly drinks for catching up and engaging in political discussion. 

We host politicians' talks on campus twice a semester.

We attend demonstrations together.

Membership fees


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