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Waste Fighters Society

Interested in living more sustainably and doing your part for the environment?
If so, join the Waste Fighters Society!

We want to make waste reduction (both on and off campus) achievable and fun by sharing ideas at informative and social events throughout the year. We love to hear from all members, both new and old, so join us and meet some waste-fighting friends!

Please join our society asap by using the google forms link below so you can join our activities and help protect the environment against waste! If you have any trouble signing up, please let us know by getting in contact via our social media or email (links below). 

Why join us?
Our society is close and tight-knit, we make an effort to run enjoyable, meaningful and COVID-friendly activities!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer

Meet ups & Community
We hold a variety of events related to fighting waste, such as workshops and talks, stalls, cleanups, and clothes swaps. 

Membership fees


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