Yoga Society

Here at USYD Yoga Society, we believe in coordination and integration of the mind, body and soul. Through our regular Yoga practise and mindfulness activities we aim to promote physical well-being with a special emphasis on mental well-being. We are a group of like-minded people embarked on a journey of truly finding ourselves and realising our hidden potential.

Why join us?
Our unique experiences:
- Relax, meditate and exercise with like-minded people 
- Learn more about Yoga itself 
- Learn lifestyle secrets from professionals 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We plan on having regular yoga, meditation and relaxation workshops and charity feasts promoting holistic well-being. 
Our annual end-of-year Yoga retreat is unmissable!

Meet ups & Community
We regularly meet online for yoga sessions, games/trivia nights, and mindfulness discussions to create a close-knit community during this pandemic. 
You’re never alone :)

Membership fees
$5 annually

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