SpikeBall Society

Hello and welcome to Usyd SpikeSoc! Whether you’re a veteran Spikeball player, or you have never heard of it but want to try a new sport, Usyd SpikeSoc is for you. Spikeball is a growing sport, so join us to be a part of something new and exciting. Spikeball is a unique mix of handball and volleyball that can be played on any kind of surface with any kind of people. That means you. We’d love if you’d come along and join in on some of our friendly games, where it’s a great place to meet new people.

Why join us?
If you are interested in playing Spikeball and you want to create new long lasting friendships join Usyd SpikeSoc.  

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Watch out for our inter-university Spikeball tournaments! 

Meet ups & Community
Join our weekly Spikeball meet ups on several days during the week on campus. For more info join our Facebook page and group. 

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