USYD Bowling Club

We are the new start-up club in USYD, our club is aiming to meet new friends who are interested in bowling and promote bowling. Bowling is a sport which is easy to start, but when you try to master it, it requires practise, during playing, your body balancing skills, muscle strength will both be improved. It is a good sport for people to have fun during leisure time and relax after a heavy load of study. Join bowling club to have enjoyable time with us.
We will have cross event with other bowling clubs around Sydney. Also, in the future, will send a team to compete in Uni Sport – Competition with all Universities across Australia, fight for the medals!

Why join us?
Members will learn how to play bowling during the event. Also, we offer special discounts to members with the bowling allies that corporate with us.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
There will be bowling events every fortnight, and during summer/winter breaks we will hold events with bowling clubs from other Universities and have a small competition with prize.

Meet ups & Community
Come to our events and meet new friends who are interested in bowling as well.

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