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Sydney University Cardio Society

Welcome to Sydney University Cardio Society (SUCS)! SUCS is a newly established social sports club introducing easily-followable cardiovascular activities.
Our ultimate goal is to improve/preserve students’ physical and emotional well-being. Not only do we run cardio events, but we also offer opportunities for social sports games, food events and learning sessions. We understand that there is no single way of ensuring students’ well-being, and the best way to increase this likelihood is to diversify what we offer. Whilst COVID-19 has imposed us some current and potential constraints, this will not stop us from fostering healthier university community no matter what.
So that’s the end of our brief overview. Join us and enjoy the most euphoric experiences you could have in USYD!

Why join us?
Members will get discounted rate for the events we introduce, and will be prioritised over non-members where the event has limited people capacity.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We anticipate introducing various cardiovascular and health related activities in frequent manner. Keep exercising, and stay tuned on what we offer!

Meet ups & Community
We host frequent events where students can socialise and connect with one another. Also don’t forget that we introduce various team-based activities as well!

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