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The Sydney University Speleological Society

Do you like outdoor adventures? Are you excited to explore caves? Wondering how to spend your weekend? Joining SUSS caving trips is definitely the best choice! Come along and we will lead you to the amazing underground world. Grab your helmet and headlamp (or borrow ours!) and you can see spectacular features in caves, challenge yourself with climbing and squeezing, and enjoy nature in its rawest form.

Here's a video by one of our members showing the activities we get up to:

We visit a variety of caves: vertical, horizontal, wet and dry. Depending on the cave, we could be using ladders or abseiling on ropes. Every trip is led by experienced cavers. We are friendly and helpful, we'll teach you technical skills and we’ll guide you throughout the way. Afterwards, we chill out (or warm up!) by the campfire, enjoy food, chat and have some good laughs!

We don’t only visit caves. We enjoy canyoning and climbing, and run trips of all varieties. We also have monthly General Meetings, where members describe their recent findings, caving experiences, and plan expeditions.

Why join us?
Meet amazing people who love adventuring, and explore amazing caves! Enhance your physical strength and learn new skills.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Join our caving trips! They’re all amazing and you’ll have a fantastic, memorable experience!

Meet ups & Community
SUSS has a wide range of members including engineers, geologists and others. It is a good chance to build your networ

Membership fees
$15 for new student members

Cave Exploration Outdoors

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