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USYD Lawn Bowl Society

Established unofficially in 2019, we are proud to take our Lawn Bowls Society official, and welcome anyone interested in Lawn Bowls, a bevvy by the greens, or simply meeting new people. We are currently a relatively small society, looking to grow our membership this year through regular lawn bowls events, catching up for some friendly drinks, and our new association and sponsorship with the local Alfred Hotel! We welcome members of all skillset for some chats and catch ups on the greens this year!

Why join us?
You will meet a whole bunch of laidback people with a shared interest for sunny weekend afternoons with a lawn bowl and beer in hand. Further, our association with the Alfred Hotel means discounted food and drink, as well as a number of cheap lawn bowls events throughout the year!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We aim to run 2-3 bowls events per semester, but the highlight of our calendar is a major Welcome Week event at the beginning of Semester 1, which cannot be missed. Think a laidback, warm afternoon with the whole club playing some bowls, followed by a catch up and chat over some food and drink.

Meet ups & Community
Many of us live on or around campus, meaning we are very close to our local and beloved Alfred Hotel. We would love to have regular catch ups here, outside of our organised bowls events!

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