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USYD Mahjong Society

Simply put we play mahjong weekly at the International Student Lounge. Current meetup times are at 4-7pm every Thursday. We are more than happy to teach mahjong and to show how the game works. If you play a different mahjong styles with friend you can invite them to come play at our events to showcase your style.

Why join us?
Beginner or veteran we cater to all skill levels and able to teach various rule-sets. More than welcome to play your own rule-sets with friends.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We have meetups weekly and have done inter-uni tournaments with UTS and UNSW with prizes. Whether competitive or chill come find like-minded players.

Meet ups & Community
We meet-up weekly on Thursdays from 4-7pm at the International Student Lounge. Occasionally we have inter-uni tournaments.

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