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The Astrology Society (StarSoc)

Star signs and horoscopes, tarot and crystals, palmistry and manifestation! The Astrology Society, or StarSoc, is the place for all things astrology and more!

If you’re an expert in tarot, someone who wants to understand  your birth chart or just want to figure out what goes on inside a Scorpio’s head then this is the place for you!

Astrology is fun but it also has a long history of cultural importance around the world, we also want to spend time learning about the rich history that astrology has! Our aim is to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for students to hang out and talk about the stars to other just as obsessed astrologers.

Have an idea for an event?

Want to help write horoscopes?

Made a good astrology meme?

Let us know!

StarSoc is a new society and we want our members to be free to contribute and shape it! We also have a Facebook discussion group that you can join where we can chat about the stars to our hearts content!

Why join us?

StarSoc is the place to be to discuss and learn about astrology and make new friends! Come and share your skills and learn new ones!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer

Look out for regular social events, creative projects, and collaborations with other societies! You better believe we’re in the astronomy society’s DMs...

Meet ups & Community

After lockdown we’ll be having social events, birth chart readings and matchmaking events and more! In the meantime, look out for live-streams, zooms and horoscopes.

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