The University of Sydney Go Society

The University of Sydney Go Society is a group for go players of all levels between beginners to experts to enjoy the ancient Chinese board game, rich in complexity and strategy despite simple rules.
We organise fun and interactive events for players of all levels to learn and improve their skills in Go, as well as making valuable friendships along the way.
This can be a useful introductory to Go if you haven't played before:

Why join us?
Our members have access to our fun and exciting events such as speed friending through Go parties, team matches with overseas Go players, and online Go challenges. 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Our members gain access to weekly online lessons and opportunities to participate in simultaneous teaching games taught by the Australian national coach An Younggil 8p, provided in partnership with the Australian Go Association. 

Meet ups & Community
We run fortnightly meetings on campus for members to learn and play Go with others. We also provide small group beginner lessons for anyone wishing to learn Go from scratch.

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