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Sydney University Competitive Online Gaming Society (SUCOGS)

SUCOGS is Sydney University's premier gaming society! We cater to both casual and competitive players of all kind. Whether you are looking to find new friends to play games with or find some teammates to compete in events, we've got you covered. Our society is passionate about running different genres of games from SMASH to Rocket League and Overwatch. 

We have teamed up with other NSW universities to run collab events every week including Minecraft and TF2. With more than 300 members in our society, we also host a yearly Rumble competition for League of Legends with some amazing prizes and Riot points to be won. 

We are always looking for interested members to join our executive team. Best of all, our signups are free. SUCOGS is a friendly and inviting society and we look forwards to meeting you. 

Why join us?
- Membership discounts at our LAN parties
- Social Meetups
- Improve your gaming experience

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Our LAN Parties run twice or more every year and are hosted with various prizes. We have our weekly events such as League of League. 

Meet ups & Community
Our meeting opportunities extend online but we also host Trivia Nights and Drink Meetups held on campus.

Membership fees

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