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Sydney University Anime Society, or SUAnime for short, is USYD’s number one society for all your Japanese animation needs. Ever since the society was founded in 2001, the society has been a place where all members can share and discuss all aspects of the anime subculture, which includes anime, manga, cosplay, art, drawing, visual novels, gacha games, and of course, Japanese memes.

In addition to being a neat group to hang out with, we have many events such as Anime Screenings, Drawmeet, Food Events, Trivia Night and more! We also collaborate with other universities' anime club/societies under the umbrella that is called Anime Sydney. For many people, interest in Japanese animation can be a topic that is awkward to discuss, so we hope that this society can host events for people to meet others with similar interests and possibly different opinions on anime.

*We have over 300 members!*
*TheAnimeMan was an Alumini *

Why join us?
Make lifelong friends who also like Anime <3
FREE FOOD at (almost) all events
Access discounts by our sponsors
Become an executive in the future!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Art contests

USYD Events:
Welcome Parties
Ramen/KBBQ nights
Board games nights with other societies
City Tours

AnimeSydney (UNSW/UTS/MQ) Collabs:
Cruises, Parties, Camps, etc.

Meet ups & Community
Weekly free-snacks-and-board games and Drawmeet
Affiliated with places such as Kaika, Anime at Abbotsford, Madman, Good Games and more! Ask execs for member discounts ;)
The letters SU followed by the word Anime such that the S is also shared by the word Sydney and the U the word University. A cute lion is peeking over the top of the letters..

Membership fees
(free during quarantine, read sign up doc)

Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Memes

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