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Sydney University Photographic Society

One of the USU's biggest and most vibrant clubs, PhotoSoc is THE society for all things photography. Workshops, exhibitions, social nights and of course our famous pubcrawl! The society is for ALL levels and types of photographers from the very beginner to the jaded pro, both analogue and digital shooters alike! If you're keen to learn the basics or exchange editing secrets, PhotoSoc is the place to be to meet and share with other Photography lovers. find out more visit our Facebook page or follow us on instagram!

Why join us?
Joining us will allow you access to our popular social events, workshops, and exhibitions, along with some discounts at select sponsor stores.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
The (in)famous Usyd Photosoc Disposable Camera Pubcrawl is an all time classic that sells out every semester!

Meet ups & Community
We host semi regular and very casual Social Night's where members are welcome to meet, mingle or share a drink with other members!

Membership fees
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