Cat Society

Hey all cool cats and kittens! We are a small society of not-so-crazy cat people bringing good times and cat memes to USYD! Come along and see what’s on! Also, if you don’t have a cat of your own that is A-ok, cat plushies still count!

Why join us?
It’s the best society to meet new people who love funny cat videos as much as you do! Plus, we have picnics and bake cookies.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We host online game nights, cat-themed movie nights, friendly picnics, and have trips to local cat cafés. Just stay tuned with our socials!

Meet ups & Community
We have regular game nights on our Discord server, and Zoom collabs with other societies like Arts & Craft Soc and SUSOG.

Membership fees

Animals, Cats

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