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Boardgame Society

Boardgame Society (BGS) is a University of Sydney Union society that aims at organising boardgame activity in service to student body to enrich their on-campus life, facilitating free discussion among student groups who share passion for boardgame, and cultivating competitive and friendly spirit among students.

Particularly, BGS will focus on Mandarin based boardgames such as Live Action Role Playing (LARP), Werewolf, Avalon, and Three Kingdoms to promote multiculturalism and bonding between diverse student group.

Why join us?
Join us & enjoy boardgames & make friends. 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Boardgame society will focus on Mandarin based boardgames such as Live Action Role Playing (LARP), Werewolf and Avalon. 

Meet ups & Community
The gaming sessions will be organised into 2 categories: regular fortnight gaming sessions and the Grand Prix. In the first stage when the society is just established and up running during Semester 1 2020, BGS will run five types of boardgame on a fortnightly basis: Werewolf, Kill Game, Three Kingdoms, Avalon and LARP. Location will be in one of USU outlets and companies outside the university. Activity notification will be published on relevant social media (Facebook, Wechat etc) and all the participants will sign up using Google Sheets with their contact details. 

During the 2nd semester, on top of the regular gaming session, BGS will hold the “The Grand Prix Competition”. Depending on the popularity of the boardgame, the most popular game (LARP is more likely) will be chosen to run on an elimination system. The final winners will be presented with an award.

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