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Sydney University Physiotherapy Society

Sydney University Physiotherapy Society (SUPS) is the main association representing Physiotherapy students of Sydney University. However, ANYONE can join! The SUPS network has grown to over 2500 Facebook members consisting of current students, alumni, practitioners, educators and employers. 

  • We aim to help you throughout your entire journey here at USYD; be it connecting first-years to each other in social events, or helping final-year students get their foot in the door of their preferred field of physiotherapy

  • We assist students’ professional development through qualification opportunities (e.g. SMA Sports Trainer) and networking events 

  • We also connect physiotherapy students with each other and with other disciplines through inter-society events, group exam preparation and cohort bonding 

    Some famous alumni include:

  • Shane Hayes - Head Physiotherapist of the Mens Pakistan Cricket Team

  • Harriet Esterman - Cardiopulmonary Physio at Westmead Hospital involved with treating COVID-19 patients

  • Michael Rizk - Founder and CEO of iMoveU

Why join us?
  • Join a tight community of USYD students, get connected to leading employers and learn about a field in Physio that interests you

  • Member-only discounts for events 

  • Access to daily job listings on the SUPS Facebook group 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer

Don’t miss our annual SUPS Physio Ball, first and second year camp, and Alumnight

Our SMA Sports Trainer Courses are also high in demand!

Make sure you cop our iconic SUPS merch (keep a lookout for our Winter Collection coming out soon!)

Meet ups & Community

We have events all throughout the semester, such as drinks nights, cute movie nights, BBQs, study workshops. 


We want to create an active and welcoming community, and would LOVE your suggestions on how we can do that!


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