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Sydney University Nutrition Society

Our vision is to motivate and empower individuals to love their bodies, take care of them, and take ownership of their health and diets, we do this by providing a platform for students to do all things and events nutrition related. Our passionate members and execs care dearly about physiological and mental well-being, in relation to nutrition and food. We do our best to serve our members by running educational, social, and networking events all semester nutrition and health related. We are one of the youngest clubs at USYD, established in 2018, and have been growing ever since! If you have a love for food and nutrition, or would like to learn more, this club is for you.

Why join us?
Nutrition is a growing field with a big market, and this is the club where you get to meet friends, industry members, professors and experts who have a passion for nutrition and health!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We run educational, social, and networking events every semester all nutrition-related. The social drinks and food events are not to miss!

Meet ups & Community
Join us to our social events throughout the semester, where you can meet friends, industry members, and professors who have a passion for nutrition and health!

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