Sydney University Data Science Society (SUDATA)

In the Modern age, the entire world revolves around and operates off data. That's why at SUDATA (Sydney University Data society), we believe understanding data is not just about grades, it's more about being well-informed in this information-rich, sometimes confusing world.

We welcome students of ANY discipline to join us, so long as you want to know a little more about data. SUDATA is a hub for you to share and learn just about any data-related knowledge, and we mean absolutely anything that you think is related to data, all the while having a blast making friends. Why not join us if you want to hang out with other savvy people like yourself?

Why join us?

Networking opportunities with industry professionals. Thought-provoking 'data talks' given by professionals, USYD teachers, and fellow students. Free food at each event!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer

Exploring topics around data at each event, talking about anything you want with fellow members from diverse intellectual backgrounds, and freely-provided pizzas, snacks, and drinks!

Meet ups & Community

Fortnightly seminars on data-related topics from USYD members, scientists and industry professionals + Relaxed chill-sessions where you can make new friends, chat and have snacks.

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