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Sydney College of the Arts Student Society

Welcome to the Sydney College of the Arts Student Society (SCASS) - USYD’s only visual arts society established in 1990! Originally dedicated to SCA students while campuses where separate, SCASS proudly announces it’s welcome to all USYD students who have even a vague interest in art! Whether it be making, talking about or just enjoying art, SCASS will have all your artistic desired fulfilled! SCA boasts a huge range of famous alumni including painter, Ben Quilty! Don’t miss out and join SCASS today!

Why join us?
SCASS is known for its cool workshops, competitions, student exhibitions and networking opportunities. All members will have access to exclusive events and our very cheap AV rental system! In being a member of SCASS, you open up your world to opportunities, enhancing your professional practice in the creative industry!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Besides a quick turnover of our gallery space used exclusively for students, SCASS attempts to have 1 very large student-run exhibition per year involving performance and musical artists. This year depends on Covid19 circumstances.

Meet ups & Community
With the SCA campus move, SCASS requires a monthly meeting to kickstart things back into action post-Covid19. However, an AGM is going to be conducted soon!

Membership fees
Optional donation

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