The University of Sydney Philosophy Society

The Philosophy Society is the University of Sydney’s official philosophy society. We are named after the noted logician and mathematician Bertrand Russell. 

Why join us?
Discussions are judgment free, all inclusive and entirely open ended! If you can communicate it in a respectful and discerning manner then you are welcome to share it!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
No matter what your interests are — philosophical or otherwise — our weekly discussions will have something for you! We discuss topics such as memory, truth, abstraction, art and aesthetics, existence, causality, infinity, information, the meaning of life, and the meaning of meaning itself, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial philosophical iceberg.

Meet ups & Community
We enjoy weekly philosophical discussions over food and drinks (usually at Hermann's Bar) on Thursday afternoons at 5pm. Our discussions usually orbit around a dozen or so questions which we prepare and send out ahead of time for a bit of a heads up. While we encourage topic oriented discussion, the rabbit warren that is philosophical exploration knows no bounds and so we encourage all to contribute in whatever way, shape or form. So come and join us for some philosophical chats over food and drinks!

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