Sydney University Mathematics Society (SUMS)

Welcome to SUMS!

We’re the undergraduate mathematics society here at the University of Sydney, for maths students and maths enthusiasts! You don’t have to be a maths whiz to join us, but this is definitely the society to join to meet like-minded people and to socialise over maths-themed events. 

Why join us?
We have interesting math talks each week, lots of pizza, math relays and other events with prizes, and much more!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Welcome Drinks, Board Game Sessions, Integration and Estimation Bee, Proof and LaTex workshops, Networking opportunities, Women in Maths career talks. During COVID times we have translated our weekly talks online over Zoom and also host weekly game nights on our Discord Channel.

Meet ups & Community
We do weekly maths lectures on an interesting topic (that is accessible to first year maths students) with FREE PIZZA, and a range of other events throughout the year including Integration and Estimation Bees, Board Games Sessions, Welcome Drinks, the annual SUMS concert, and we launched a Women in Maths Careers Series last year! 

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