BusinessOne Consulting is a student-run, not-for-profit consulting organisation for innovative companies. We bridge the experience gap between University and employment by empowering students to solve strategic challenges for real clients in multidisciplinary teams.

We successfully launched at USYD in mid-2016 as part of a small team. Since then, we've assisted nearly 30 clients, both startups and well-established companies, target new customers and markets, optimise operations and grow their business.

BusinessOne began as an Enactus project at UNSW in 2015. By 2016, we’d launched branches at the University of Sydney and UTS. By 2018, we’d expanded to Victoria, with a new branch opening at the University of Melbourne. This year, we’re expanding to South Australia (AU), Western Australia (UWA) and more! Join the growing consultant community of BusinessOne.

Apply to be a student consultant in the next recruitment campaign! We recruit every semester. Learn more on our Facebook page.

Why join us?
Come to networking evenings to chat with start-up representatives, our partners, and sponsors! Get experience that employers value, and work with impressive fellow consultants.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
At the USYD-Cup, teams display their work, and it’s a graduate-level consulting showcase. Don’t miss Welcome Evening - a fantastic opportunity to enter the community!

Meet ups & Community
BusinessOne prides itself on genuine connection, professionalism and socialisation. Throughout the semester, B1 hosts socials and team events for students to relax and have fun!
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