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University of Sydney Cambodian Society (CamboSoc)

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USYD Cambodian Society (CamboSoc) is the main Cambodian student community within Australia’s oldest university, the University of Sydney. Founded in March 2019, CamboSoc at USYD, in collaboration with other CamboSoc all across Australia, aims to:
1) Connect and empower fellow Cambodian students at Sydney University;
2) Provide an authentic Cambodian cultural platform for all Khmer enthusiasts;
3) Expand the Cambodian USYD Alumni Network.

Join us if you wanted to have FUN and to ENGAGE with other young and bright Cambodian students in this prestigious Australian university. We run multiple social events throughout the calendar year. So you definitely DO NOT want to miss out! 😃


Why join us?
Join us if you are interested to learn more about Cambodian people and culture! We run multiple SUPER FUN social events throughout the semester! 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Annually throughout the calendar, we run Cambodian cultural festival events in collaboration with other CamboSoc in Australia. FOMO -- Khmer New Year Celebration!

Meet ups & Community
Please send us a message on FB if you would like to be added to our joint messenger groupchat! 

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