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Sydney University Spanish and Latin American Society

The Sydney University Spanish and Latin American Society (SUSLAS) is all about the culture, the people, and fun! We aim to provide a friendly and welcoming space for all members, regardless of your level of Spanish, to interact with Spanish speakers and lovers of Latin culture from all across the globe. We love to socialize and share our love and passion for Hispanic culture, from Latin music, to Boca Juniors.
We were established in 2013 and have been growing strong ever since. So far, we have accumulated more than 1500 members.
Weekly free coffees and cheap beer! Café-conversación and Thursday drinks are held on a weekly basis, Spanish Film festival in the first semester, Spanish and Latin American Film Festival in the 2nd semester, as well as End-of-semester parties!

Why join us?
Meeting people all across the globe while sipping on a cafecito / beer, practicing Spanish or Spanglish! Being a member means discounts coffees and drinks

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Welcome back party and end of semester Tapas night where we enjoy drinks, tapas, and music are the best events to start and wrap up the semester.

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