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Multiracial Intercultural Experience Society 

MIXSOC, aka Multiracial Intercultural Experience Society, is the first culturally diverse student society specifically made for mixed and multiracial students at USYD!! Do you identify with multiracial, biracial, mixed race or more colloquially as halfie/hapa/hafu? Are you interested in conversations about the irks, quirks and perks unique to the growing up in a world with clashing cultural experiences? Or do you want brush up on those cultural awareness and language skills? If so, MIXSOC is the place for you!!

Why join us?
Support cultural awareness and tolerance at USYD by sharing your thoughts on mixed ethnicity and cultural identity issues and experiences with people who actually get it.

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Make new friends during games and trivia nights, regular language exchange parties and international film festival screening nights!

Meet ups & Community
Share your life stories with our culturally diverse community of students and fun banter with your mixed folk friends over a few drinks and BBQ parties on campus! Sign up on our USU page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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