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Multiracial Intercultural Experience Society (MIXSOC)

The Multiracial Intercultural Experience Society (MIXSOC) is USYD’s only multicultural society for 🎎 mixed race and 🌏third culture students. We hope to bring together students with diverse life experiences and upbringings to form a kaleidoscope of ethnicities and cultures! 🌈🎊

Why join us?
Our community helps bring awareness to issues regarding ethnic and cultural identity, especially for those feeling out of place in just one category. ❤😌

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Our major events include:
🌭 Picnics and BBQs
👋 Speed-friending
🎲 Trivia night and Board Games
🍺 Pub crawls and Dinners
🍜 International Food Festivals
plus more, along with frequent collaborations with other ethnocultural societies at USYD.

Meet ups & Community
✨Friday Chill & Chat Nights✨ on our Discord.
✨Language Exchange Meetups✨ held on campus.
We also have plans to launch a new 🎙podcast with exclusive content for our members!

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