French Society 

A club that brings together those with a passion for French Culture and Language! French Soc is one of the largest cultural societies at the University of Sydney, founded over 10 years ago. Hosting tri-weekly conversation groups and regular French-inspired events, our aim is to celebrate all things french, creating fun and enriching experiences for students. One of our most popular events is our biannual Wine and Cheese Night, which won ‘Best Small Event’ in 2018. 

All levels are welcome, you don't even need to know French! We take pride in our supportive and inclusive community. Whether you are looking to improve your french skills outside of class, or just love wine, cheese and croissants, French Soc is for you… Join us! 

Why join us?

Boost your skills or soak up some French culture, all while building great friendships. Members enjoy exclusive discounts and offers at all our events. 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer

Our end of semester Wine and Cheese night is not one to miss, with live music, good wine and delicious cheese!

Meet ups & Community

We hold tri-weekly conversation groups and French-inspired events fortnightly throughout the semester. Like us on Facebook for our latest updates!

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