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University of Sydney China Development Society (CDS)

China Development Society (CDS) is a not-for-profit society, initiated and independently operated by students at the University of Sydney (USYD).

Why join us?
As a student organisation that serves students, especially international students, we hope to inspire peers to integrate into the campus through activities, reflect deeply, and give back to society. 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Our events are based on four dimensions:

(1) Academic Events: China Talks and the annual China Development Forum to discuss academic topics related to China's development. 
(2) Chinese Cultural Events: We had 3 performances Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring, which was the first student-led Chinese drama at the University of Sydney. 
(3) Voluntary Teaching Program: At the end of each year, we have voluntary teaching program, the “Wild Hope” project. A total of 100 volunteers from USYD are sent to rural areas in China to support education.

(4) Mentorship Program: Every semester, we host events to share experiences for new students, including mentoring programs.

Meet ups & Community
Our committee consists of more than 100 USYD students, with 400 ordinary members actively attending our events. 

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