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Celtic Cultural Club

We’re the University of Sydney Celtic Cultural Club and we’re here for anyone interested in Celtic culture. Plus, membership is free! Whether you’re a fan of the Derry girls or wanting to find out more about your Scottish last name or have no idea what Celtic culture includes, we’d love to have you onboard!
We’re currently working on our online program of events including social events and workshops. We do online conversation groups for beginners in Scottish Gaelic (and sometimes Welsh too)! We’re also doing online ceilidhs (a social event with lots of dancing) which might prove more popular than in-person ceilidhs since no one can see you! 
When we’re all back in person, we attend all sorts of cultural events: being a part of the St Patrick’s Day parade march, attending the Gaelic club for music, and ceilidhs all around Sydney and at the university itself!
We started when some classmates taking an elective in the Scottish Gaelic unit in Celtic Studies thought it would be a good idea to maintain what they had learnt and wanted to create a society to support future students studying the language and has just been growing since!

Why join us?
Learn greetings in a new language or the steps to a traditional Scottish dance! Gain access to discounts and be invited to events!

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Meet ups & Community
Scottish Gaelic conversation group (on-campus or online; day/time TBA)
The Gaelic Club meetups!

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