Armenian Society

Ever heard of Armenia and not known where it’s located? Ever heard of someone who’s Armenian and not known what Armenia is?

Բարեւ (Parev/Barev – “Hello” in Armenian) 🇦🇲

The Armenian Society is a great place to meet Armenian students or non-Armenian students interested in learning more about all things Armenian.

Founded in 2016, SUAS has grown to become a thriving cultural society which welcomes all USYD-ians coming together in the celebration, preservation, and cultivation of the rich, centuries-old Armenian culture.

Through meetups, catchups, cultural events and more, the society aims to bring students together where they can create bonds (and have some food, of course) while sharing the Armenian story, culture and heritage.

Why join us?
Meet amazing people, get discounts for SUAS events, enjoy delicious Armenian food, learn about the rich Armenian history and culture, and more!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Society catchups, cultural events, and collaborations with other societies.

Meet ups & Community
Catchups and meetups for members during the semester. Follow our social media pages as we also promote events, programs and happenings within the Armenian-Australian community.

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Faith & Ethnocultural

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