Ahlulbayt Society 

The University of Sydney AhlulBayt Society (ABSoc USYD) was founded in 2015 with the objective of promoting the lifestyle and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, and his pure progeny, collectively known as “Ahlulbayt”. 

Before his departure, the Prophet left us with the two weighty things; the Noble Qur’an, and his progeny, as his two inseparable successors. Through them, we hope to infuse their teachings and traditions into every aspect of our life, and see them manifested in all our activities; whether it is seeking knowledge, advocating proactively for the needy, or being just in our dealings with people.

Why join us?

We aim to fulfil the religious and intellectual needs of Muslims on campus, and to unite all under the banner of the Prophet and his AhlulBayt (family).

Famous FOMO experiences on offer

Interfaith dialogue with other major faith based societies on campus.

Intra-faith dialogue such as providing a panel of Islamic scholars that voice a diversity of opinions.

Meet ups & Community

Holding and organising research sessions and groups

Membership fees

Prophet Muhammad, Ahlulbayt, Noble Qur’an

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