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University of Sydney Chinese Orchestra | 悉尼大学华乐团

Recently founded in 2021, SUCO is the first full-sized, student-run Chinese orchestra in the Southern Hemisphere. We bring together students from all faculties at the University, both domestic and international, to perform works from the incredibly long and continuous tradition of Chinese music. Led by our Artistic Director Yanshen Huang, SUCO has a vision to not only play famous 20th-Century Chinese orchestral pieces, but also traditional operas, court, and tea music, alongside minority musics and modern pieces and arrangements. We wish to explore the spaces of natural acoustic harmony and digital soundscapes through contemporary cross-cultural fusions and remixes. In order to do this, we have two ensembles, the Jacaranda Orchestra , in the style of Chinese orchestras that arose in the 20th-Century, and the Waratah Ensemble, to play "chamber"-sized pieces. 

Anyone is able to join our society, but in order to be a performing member of Jacaranda you must be able to play a Chinese instrument at a high-enough standard to perform the repertoire for the Artistic Season. We hold annual auditions in order to decide the principal players for Jacaranda, and to choose the ensemble members of Waratah. As we are a society of students, we cannot provide teaching and training to play in these ensembles, but if you would like to learn the Conservatorium runs the Chinese Music Ensemble unit, open to all students at the University. Please contact the Ensemble Director Dr Lulu Liu at for more information. 

Why join us?
We have the goal to bring together musicians in Chinese music from all over Sydney, as part of our vision of promoting Chinese music and culture throughout the city. 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Every semester we run a large-scale orchestral concert, featuring a concerto with a professional. We also have masterclasses with professionals in performance, composition, and music history.

Meet ups & Community
We meet up regularly after rehearsals and concerts for boba and dinner outings, and have collaborative social events with other performing arts and Chinese culture societies. 
University of Sydney Chinese Orchestra written in yellow on a navy blue background. Chinese characters below read 悉尼大学华乐团

Membership fees
Free for USU members!

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