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Taboo Performances: USYD Performance Society

Welcome to Taboo Performances! We are a USYD performance society that is based at the Conservatorium, dedicated to showcasing the amazing talent USYD has to offer through a variety of different types of performances.

Whether you are into Contemporary Music, Opera, Cabaret or anything in between, Taboo has got you covered! Think you’re not a performer? Think again! We are open to all students, no matter what skill level - there is something in Taboo for everyone. 
So if you wanna get involved, learn new things, meet new people and most importantly, have fun along the way then be sure to check out all our socials!

Insta & TikTok: @taboo.usyd

Why join us?
Taboo is a great space to have fun and stretch those creative muscles while meeting a group of wonderful, like-minded people. 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We have regular gigs (Taboo Tunes) for contemporary performance, and also put on a large scale show each year, as well as hosting regular masterclasses. 

Meet ups & Community
Taboo runs several gigs/performances each year, across all different genres and we always welcome new people both onstage and in writer/director roles.

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