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Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble - MUSE

Welcome to the Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble (MUSE for short)! 
We are a performing arts society at USYD, dedicated to producing, enjoying, and being a part of Musical Theatre. We put on multiple productions each year, as well as run showcases, open mics, masterclasses, panel discussions, viewing parties, meetings, and workshops - just to name a few. Sometimes we’re hard at work learning choreography and building sets, other times we’re cutting loose with our fellow performing arts societies at events like The Annual Performing Arts Ball. You don't need to be a seasoned performer at all! We are made up of performers, creatives, writers, directors, and most importantly - people who just like musicals. You can find photos, videos, and other material from our past productions on our social media pages.
Above all, we aim to be a tight-knit supportive community where people can feel free to express themselves artistically amongst like-minded friends.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by emailing or, and make sure to follow our social media pages (The Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble on Facebook and @museatusyd on Instagram).

Why join us?
MUSE is a great space to get involved with productions, as well as make strong friendships with like-minded people

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We run regular masterclasses and other show-related events, we also participate in intersociety events like the Performing Arts Ball.

Meet ups & Community
We run about 4 different productions every year of varying size and budget, in and around USYD. We vote on these at our regular meetings.

Membership fees

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