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MADSOC - Sydney University Movement and Dance Society

Whether you love ballet, Bollywood, or plain breakin' it down, MADSOC is the dance society for you! We welcome dancers of all styles and levels, and hold a wide range of activities at Sydney University, including classes and showcases.

Are you a beginner or never tried a particular style before? No problem! All dancers will be catered for in every single class! We have a variety of styles and classes offered each week, and whether you want to perfect that arabesque, or just get in some hip hop grooves, there will be a class for you!

You can choose to regularly attend a class, or just pop in casually. But one thing won’t ever change, the fact that once you’re a member (only $5), all our classes are FREE for the rest of the year! 

Why join us?
You won't regret joining with MADSOC - you will make friends, have fun dancing new styles and have many performance opportunities! 

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
We run annual minor and major productions for you to flaunt your skills! Even if you don't want to be in them, they're a must-watch!

Meet ups & Community
Our weekly classes are the perfect way to make friends! We also run occasional fun social events like laser tag and external dance classes. 

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