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Sydney University Marching Band Association

Hi there! Are you looking to play an instrument and have fun at the same time? You’re in the right place! The Sydney University Marching Band Association (SUMBA), established in 2016, is a social ‘street’ band that plays all types of music with unique performances around Sydney. Our casual weekly rehearsals see us practising varied pieces to work towards fun performances only SUMBA can offer. All instrumental levels of experience are welcome, and absolutely no marching knowledge is needed! Each rehearsal also ends with free pizza and time to socialise, providing a fun, relaxed atmosphere to get to know other members. 

Past performances include playing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, at the Sydney University’s Flames basketball match, participation in the 2020 Mardi Gras parade, and welcoming home members of the Australian Special Olympics team at Sydney Airport. We also have social events each semester (no instrument required, unless you really want to lug it along…). SUMBA has twice been acknowledged as Sydney Uni’s Most Successful Club (under 150 members), so you can’t go wrong joining us :)

Why join us?
Joining SUMBA gives you an opportunity to regularly play an instrument in a fun, accepting atmosphere, and get to meet new people. And free pizza!

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Weekly rehearsals with nice people, free food, and songs that aren’t annoying if they get stuck in your head (I checked!).

Meet ups & Community
Weekly on-campus rehearsals on Monday 5-7pm, with performance opportunities usually 2-3 times a semester.  Like our facebook page to stay updated about upcoming rehearsals/events!

Membership fees

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