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BarberSoc A Cappella Society

BarberSoc is a place where we sing a cappella tunes, running the gamut of pop, barbershop, choral, indie, original songs, and much more! The focus is on making good music and good vibes with good people. We groove hard, but we care harder :)

Our four choirs rehearse weekly on USyd main campus from 6-8pm. Each choir is open to people of all genders and musical experiences. Monday: The Power Chords (SATB) Tuesday: Pitch Please (SSAA) Wednesday: Duly Noted (TTBB) Thursday: The Accidentals (SATB)

In addition, we offer the opportunity to perform in self-directed small groups. You bring the music, we bring the concert! 

Why join us?
- Chill, creative rehearsals where everyone gets a say
- Huge variety of music
- something for everyone!
- The friendliest people you’ll ever meet (seriously, ask anybody)

Famous FOMO experiences on offer
Our end-of-semester concerts (always themed!)
- Annual camp (three days of activities and fun!)
- Social events like Sing and Chill nights, karaoke, picnics and more

Meet ups & Community
Rehearsals and social events, plus:
- Monthly playlists (anyone can update!)
- Love letters (anonymous, or not…)
- BarberSoc Creates (workshop your music!) …all in our Discord server

Membership fees

A capella, choirs, singing

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