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Clubs And Societies Education Program - Announcement from President

Clubs And Societies Education Program - Announcement from President

USU to launch new Clubs And Societies Education Program in 2018

The USU is committed to providing members of the University community with a fantastic experience of campus life.

For many people, the most important part of that experience is through our Clubs and Societies program. Our societies hold hundreds of events each year with tens of thousands of attendees. They provide an unparalleled opportunity to lead, learn, and have fun.

For USU, the safety of our members and ensuring our programs foster a positive culture of mutual respect and consideration is of the utmost importance.  It is our highest priority to ensure that people enjoy the great offerings of our Clubs and Societies in a supportive and safe environment.

Therefore, over the past two months, we have conducted a review of the entire Clubs and Societies program to ensure that our safety procedures and risk management strategies are of the highest standard.

The review examined the program to discover whether there are particular areas where reform can be implemented in order to improve the experience of the members.

While the review revealed that our systems are entirely adequate for managing the risks of our program, we found that there are two key areas that we would like to more comprehensively address: the provision and consumption of alcohol, and student safety, particularly in relation to consent.

We believe addressing these areas gets to the heart of what we seek to embody as an organisation; namely, one that fosters a culture of respect and consideration for all members of our community.

We want our leaders to be better equipped to deal with and report inappropriate behavior.  We also want them to have a better understanding of the framework and procedures that exist to support them when managing incidents at their events.

In line with this, from early 2018 we will be implementing a new education program for our clubs and societies. This will involve increasing the accessibility and dissemination of safety information as well as holding training sessions about alcohol, consent and leading safe communities.

It is our hope that this education program will not only compliment the university-wide efforts to improve the student experience and safety on campus, but also instill in our student leaders a sense of responsibility in cultivating a welcoming and safe campus community for all. 
Courtney Thompson