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Election for SUGS Vice President

Club : Greek Society
DATE: 3 Aug 2021
TIME: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location : Zoom

EMAIL OF NOTICE TO MEMBERS: (emailed to members on 20/07/21)
Dear SUGS Members,
Due to unforeseen circumstances, our acting Vice President has resigned from his post. In line with the University of Sydney Union guidelines, we will be holding a General Meeting ('GM') in order to fulfil this position for the remainder of 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USU has approved of online GMs as an exception to the general requirement that clubs hold General Meetings on campus. In the event that you choose to run for the position of Vice President, you must have served on the SUGS committee for at least 12 months, or one full term, as stipulated by clause 9.13 of our constitution. We will also be putting forward a motion to amend clause 5.6(iv) of our constituion. Clause 5.6(iv) provides: This position must be filled by a student of Modern Greek, and if filled reduces the number of General Committee members to four. If there are no students of Modern Greek running or willing to take this position, the position ceases to exist for the term of the committee, which causes there to be five General Committee members during said term. We propose that the above clause be modified to include all students, thereby removing the requirement for the candidate to be studying Modern Greek. This has presented a significant barrier to interested parties. By opening up the position, we hope to encourage more students to apply for the role and have the opportunity to be involved in the SUGS committee. Under clause 10.1, any constitutional amendment MUST be supported by a two-thirds majority of our membership base.

1. You MUST be a current MEMBER in order to vote.
2. You MUST REGISTER in order to vote.
3. If you are NOT a SUGS member, you CAN register as a spectator, however, you CANNOT vote.
4. You MUST ATTEND the meeting in order to VOTE or RUN for the position of Vice President In order to preserve the motivation behind Article 9.10, the prohibition of proxy voting, the outgoing Committee will be enforcing the requirement that only members attending the AGM via Zoom will be eligible to cast their votes. Members eligible to vote who attend the meeting will receive a link to submit their votes.
5. In the event that you choose to run for the position of Vice President, you must have served on the SUGS committee for at least 12 months, or one full term under clause 9.13 of our constitution.
6. Constitutional amendments MUST have the support of a two-third majority under clause 10.1 (i-v). 10.1 This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of those Ordinary Members and Honorary Members who would otherwise be eligible for Ordinary Membership in attendance at any General Meeting.
7. Registration CLOSES at 5pm on Sunday 1 August 2021 in order to allow adequate time to prepare election voting surveys and member attendance. As outlined in Article 9.4, nominations will open 14 days before elections are to be held. Please note that the nomination format of previous years, where nominations are taken at the GM has been altered and we request that all members interested in running for election should indicate their own intention to do so during the registration period for the GM. You cannot nominate others, you can only nominate yourself.

The GM will be held online via Zoom at 7:00 pm on Tuesday 03 August 2021. This email constitutes official notice of the Sydney University Greek Society GM 2021. The election of the new Vice President will take place via an anonymous online voting system during the Zoom session. In order to facilitate the meeting (including the sending of Zoom links and election voting surveys), we request that all members interested in attending, voting and running for the position register their intention to do so by following the link below. Members and non-members who have registered to attend the GM will receive a Zoom link closer to the date.

PLEASE REGISTER HERE by Sunday 1 August 2021:
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

GM AGENDA - SUGS Constitution:
7.6 The agenda for a General Meeting shall include:
1. Opening and welcome
2. Apologies and leaves of absence
3. Minutes of the previous meeting
4. Business arising from the minutes
5. Correspondence
6. Motions on notice
7. Reports of Executive Members.
8. Other reports
9. General business
10. Date of the next meeting