Hosted by MUSE

Club : Musical Theatre Ensemble - MUSE
DATE: 29 Nov 2022
TIME: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location : Reading Room, Holme Building

📅 29 Nov 2022, 6pm, Reading Room It's time to elect our SMALL SLOT PRODUCTION. Come along to our General Meeting on Nov 29th to see the pitches first hand and vote on what show you want to be elected! We will also be giving updates on our plans for the coming year! 🎭 Planning to pitch a show? We’ll have a pitch guide available very soon. This will suit a small show (cast size <10) and will be put on in early March.

1. Welcome
a. Welcome to Country

2. Apologies and Leaves of Absence

3. Minutes from the previous meeting and business arising from those minutes

4. Vote of Confidence on Honorary Memberships
a. Appointment of Returning Officer
b. Motion to award Honorary Membership to Daniel Baykitch (2021 and 2022 President)
c. Motion to award Honorary Membership to Jacob Lawler (2021 and 2022 Treasurer)
d. Vote to be conducted as an anonymous vote of confidence by show of hands.

5. Election of MUSE Season 2023: Small Show: Slot 1
a. Production nominations from the pre-filled ballot will be read out followed by nominations from the floor for the MUSE 2022 Winter Production Slot, nominations from the floor must be properly seconded.
b. All pitching teams will present a verbal presentation on their production plan and budget of up to 10 minutes. At 7 minutes one bell will be sounded, at 9 minutes two bells will be sounded indicating that the team must start to wrap up their presentation. After each presentation, there will be a maximum of three questions taken from the floor.
c. At the conclusion of all presentations, all pitching production teams will be asked to leave the room for the anonymous ballot to occur. In the instance of one pitching team, an anonymous vote of confidence will be held. In the event of two or more pitching teams, the vote will occur by anonymous preferential ballot.

6. Vote of Affirmation for the Season Producer
a. Motion to affirm the producer(s) of the MUSE 2022 Winter Production Slot. b. Vote to be conducted as an anonymous vote of confidence by show of hands.

7. General Business
a. Post meeting drinks to meet the production team!
b. Come and see New Voices the New Work Showcase presented by MUSE from 7-11th December 2022 Flight Path Theatre

8. Date of the next meeting
a. TBD, presumably next year's Welcome Week.

9. Close of Meeting